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  • SMA students speak up on MLK Day
    Students from St. Mary’s Academy gathered to reflect on the message of Martin Luther King Jr. as they planned the school’s assembly in celebration of the civil rights leader.
  • The Shape of Water
    NEW YORK (CNS) — Can a lovelorn yet sensuous cleaning lady in 1962 Baltimore find true love with a blue and yellow and sometimes glowing fish-man from the Amazon?
  • At the annual tri-faith conversation this year at St. Mary Cathedral, Rabbi Michael Cahana said something ostensibly shocking: “Politics, these days, is more important than religion.”
Marriage Mass
“My husband is a representation of what our faith is to me and I think that’s what I am for him.”
New chancellor
The new chancellor of the Archdiocese of Portland is a Franciscan sister who has worked as a no-nonsense prison guard and as an immigration attorney who wears her religious habit in court. But Sister Veronica Schueler is far from iron-fisted.
Archdiocese of Portland Encuentro
Scores of western Oregon Catholics came forward, dropping signed cards at the foot of a cross. They promised to live as missionary disciples who will go to neighborhoods, streets and marketplaces to share their personal encounter with Jesus.
Welcoming our sister
After experiencing abortion at age 20, Elizabeth Peters had nightmares for years. Now she is happily married and expecting her third child. The Stayton mother has taken maternity photos for other women experiencing crisis pregnancy.
Schools plan
The Archdiocese of Portland plans to respond to growth in suburban Portland with new parishes and schools. Meanwhile, parishes will be urged to invite public school students in catechism classes to consider Catholic education. And while tuition may rise, financial aid will abound all the more, even for middle class families. Those were key revelations during a Jan. 20 meeting of 100 western Oregon Catholic pastors and school administrators.
  • The Greatest Christmas Gift
    I have always been struck by a very simple dialog that takes place at the beginning of the Church’s liturgy for admitting a person to the Order of the Catechumens in preparation for adult baptism.
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