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  • More pro-life possibilities

    The head of Democrat campaigning in the House of Representatives has announced that his party no longer will withhold funds from candidates who oppose abortion rights.

  • Taking the dog for a walk

    Unlike a proper dog who comes when he is called, Gus can't be trusted to do his business outside and come back in. He needs to be walked.

  • Bring some summer adventure into everyday life

    What is it about summertime that makes us braver, stronger, and more open to adventure? Is it the increased daylight, warmer weather, or the extra sugar from all those frozen otter pops?

  • From the Archives
    It would have been a thousand times better for him if he had never tried his pen at theological questions without pre­viously studying them.
  • Not so ordinary
    We must get away from these negative connotations of the word “ordinary.” Remember that there is nothing ordinary whatsoever in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, if by “ordinary” one means dull, run-of-the-mill, pedestrian, or lackluster. Nothing! The Mass is remarkable, stupendous, unfathomable, ineffable, glorious, divine.
  • No nuance here
    The black prisoners will view him in a different light, especially the Muslims. In this place, there is no nuance.
  • We are a shining light
    Our president does care about the common good, but places the importance of our nation over global governance, as he should.
  • Good may come
    Would we have had Mary on our minds and in our conversations had she not been vandalized?
  • Address miracle
    The talk about human sexuality must speak of the procreative miracle.
  • A lot to swallow

    The editorial was certainly a lot to swallow with its sweeping assertions that the president’s actions were selfish, immoral, in violation of Catholic teaching, plus a threat to life and the climate.

    President Trump stated that our country’s withdrawal from the accord was based on the “draconian financial and economic burdens the agreement poses on our country.”

  • Demand proof
    The terms of the Paris accord discriminated against the United States, and few elected officials would endorse this one-sided agreement.
  • Spiritual support
    Although he has a degree in history, Dominican Father Dismas Sayre somehow wound up being computer tech support at the library of a major state university. He got the reputation of being the go-to person for solving computer glitches.
  • Yes, it’s the greatest of vocations
    This spring men were ordained to the priesthood throughout the church, and surely this is a cause for great rejoicing. However, it is no secret that here in the United States we have far too few ordinations. Yet, given our obvious reticence about celebrating the priesthood, it is amazing that we have as many as we do. Perhaps a species of false humility on the part of parents, priests and bishops is partially at fault.
  • Holy Women: a Note
    We nod to them in friendly fashion when we see them here and there, and then we forge ahead to the bank or the bakery, and we do not stop for a long moment to consider that this quiet woman swore to devote her entire life to light and love and mercy and epiphany and kindness and tenderness and the battle against arrogance and greed and cruelty and lies and violence.
  • Praise God for eclipses

    Father Bill Holtzinger, amateur astronomer and pastor of St. Anne Parish in Grants Pass, is a fan of physics. He says that’s because science glorifies God and humbles us in the face of God’s creation. “The heavens proclaim the glory of God,” he says, quoting Psalm 19.

  • Teens around the globe seek peace

    Early in July, Christian, Jewish and Muslim teenagers from different countries gathered at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to "build peace through a culture of encounter."

  • Bishop Frank J. Caggiano reaches the young with heart

    Of all of the headliners billed for last month's World Youth Day Unite in Washington, D.C., I was guessing that the two musicians --  Audrey Assad and Tony Melendez -- were the biggest draw for the young pilgrims who traveled to the St. John Paul II National Shrine.

    Assad isa nationally known singer and songwriter who shares personal witnesses about her conversion. Melendez, a Nicaraguan American born without arms who plays the guitar exclusively with his feet, has performed for international audiences at World Youth Days convened by the past three popes.

  • A word on Jesus
    Let it be clear that Jesus is the reason for this newspaper.
  • Six deadly sins

    One of my favorite criticisms of the church is that it is fixated on sex. "Why is the church so obsessed with what I do in the bedroom," I will be asked with great seriousness.

  • Is touching believing?

    As I write this, on the Feast of St. Thomas the Apostle, I am reminded of the Caravaggio painting in which Doubting Thomas places his hand in the wounded side of Our Lord. It's a gripping scene in which the apostle's disbelief in Christ's resurrection is transformed in an instant, not by forceful argument, but by touching his master's brutal wound.

  • From the Archives
    The “elite” of the so-called Christian world — who expect to go to heaven in the same coach in which they ride to church —would nev­er permit their favorite popular preach­er to pollute his precious person by acting as chaplain to a convict.
  • The spirit of almsgiving
    Almsgiving fosters letting go of possessions, teaching us nothing we own is really ours; everything is a gift from God.
  • We must fight for our children

    I am, like many French citizens, an admirer of Pope Francis and I support the editorial on why America should rejoin the Paris Accord on climate change.

  • President acted within principles
    No magisterial teaching depends upon the consensual self-interests of international assemblies.
  • Care for creation an aspect of reverence for Word
    Christianity is special because of its revelation that God is love — that he gave away his Word not only to create creation but also to save it.
  • Not solid science

    This editorial errs, as does ‘Laudato Si’, by presuming the claim that climate change is caused by man-made gases is based on solid science. It is not. None of the alarmist predictions based on this premise have happened. The earth has been warming irregularly since the last ice age.

  • They helped me
    Not only did I get paid. A lawyer in my church represented me in a lawsuit for 25 percent and I got $2,000 in back pay.
  • You disrespected President Trump and the office
    I have to see such things in the secular newspapers but please not in our Catholic papers. We are better than that.
  • Only the violent
    The Trump administration should continue deporting those who commit violent crimes and leave peaceful immigrants alone.
  • It's cool to be Catholic in college
    School’s out and summer’s in full swing. That means the return of Oregon’s finest faith-filled college students, many of whom have spread their enthusiasm for the church across the country in diverse ways.
  • Discover the Christian East in Oregon

    St. John Paul II said the church breathes with both its lungs. By this, he meant the Western and Eastern Catholic traditions. The majority of Catholics the world over are Western or Latin rite, or “Roman Catholics.” However, there are 23 particular Eastern churches in full communion with the pope.

  • A picture is worth a thousand tears
    Having those pictures reminded me that everything wasn’t hard all the time. That sometimes we really like one another. That sometimes we can have fun together. That sometimes we are all pretty happy, even if we can’t look at the camera at the same time.
  • The blessing of berries

    I still have a lot to learn in this life, but I feel blessed to be given these brief moments when I can truly appreciate things like the dirt, the juice from a deliciously-ripe berry and the joy of a child.


  • Insonsistent thought
    We applaud health coverage for young undocumented immigrants. They need the help. Now we demand the same respect for the utterly distinctive and vulnerable human beings — who have unique DNA just hours after conception.
  • St. Bonaventure says, in his little treatise "Bringing Forth Christ," "Seek the company of good people. If you share their company, you will also share their virtue." With this thought in mind, we used to pay close attention to who our children's friends were.

  • On a flight to Washington, D.C., the woman next to me was jubilant over getting married. However, when she told me about her first husband, I was stunned.
  • The day that Matt Puckett was executed by the state of Mississippi, I was caught in an emotional conundrum.

  • You would not know it from the national secular news, but a lot is happening on the contentious issue of physician-assisted suicide.
  • From the Archives
    Next morning he repaired to our humble Chapel where he offered up the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass at his usual early hour.
  • Leaving Paris accord is indeed against Christian teaching
    Mr. Langlois is spot on that withdrawing from an international effort to protect future generations from this one is against basic Christian/Catholic teaching.
  • These “Chicken Little Alarmists” have an agenda to control us, tax us and redistribute our wealth.  
  • Encyclical 'nonsensical'
    The Catholic Church and Pope Francis need to stop touting this nonsensical climate encyclical that is grounded in falsified scientific concepts and extreme left wing politics.
  • I remember them
    Msgr. Tim Murphy recalls the men with whom he was ordained 50 years ago.
  • It takes courage
    I encounter on a daily basis immigrants — documented and undocumented — who, despite their traumatic journey to come to the United States, manage to smile and give thanks to God.
  • Getting into a political discussion in Washington these days is about as hard as finding a Fighting Irish fan at a Notre Dame football game. In the era of Trump — where those who dislike the president are as obsessed about him as his strongest supporters — the real challenge is extricating oneself from one.
  • My grandfather used to say that "God granted us two ears and one mouth, so we need to listen twice as much as we talk." Through his interactions with others, he showed that listening can be an act of selfless love because it shows that you want to understand those around you, that you genuinely care.

  • Rejoin the accord
    President Trump's decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate change agreement is a violation of Catholic teaching and sensibility for many reasons.
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