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  • Truly present
    After reading this article, I think I will always receive in the mouth.
  • Abuse allegation against Cardinal McCarrick found credible

    WASHINGTON — Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick, retired archbishop of Washington, said he will no longer exercise any public ministry "in obedience" to the Vatican after an allegation he abused a teenager almost 50 years ago has been found credible.

  • Nothing sacred?
    The fashions were sexual and provocative. Some “stars” were in sensual and immoral poses.
  • A celebration?

    In Mexico, Cinco de Mayo commemorates the successful ousting of the French incursion, a struggle for independence, a defeat of the European powers and a reversal of the conquest of Mexico. 

  • Need I kneel?
    Please understand that the faithful find God whether standing, sitting or kneeling.
  • Sign petition now
    If you have not yet signed this petition please go ASAP to www.stopthefunding.org/home/sign-the-petiton/ to sign
  • Pro-life at all times
    Many Catholics are brought up in pro-life homes, attending marches and rallies as children and teenagers. But we shouldn’t forget how dangerously simple it is to wander from a pro-life opinion to a pro-choice one
  • No more dividing
    Recent enforcement of federal immigration policy eviscerates Catholic values. On our borders, federal officers tear couples apart and, unimaginably, drag children from their parents.
  • A chance to help God’s creation at the ballot box
    An example of an initiative that hears the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor is the Portland Clean Energy Fund (PCEF) Ballot Initiative. PCEF addresses both the call to care for creation in Portland and advocates for those who are suffering most heavily from the effects of climate change.
  • There are no involuntary baby expressions and noises to marvel over. No tiny baby toes and fingers to caress. No fresh baby head smells to breathe in. No coos or sighs or sleepy milk-drunk grins to relish.

  • Planned Parenthood receives over half a billion dollars in taxpayer funds annually, about $80 million of it from Title X. The organization performs over one-third of all abortions in the country, and abortion is what it provides to 96 percent of its pregnant clients.

  • Pope leads prayers for U.S.-North Korea summit in Singapore

    VATICAN CITY — Leading thousands of people in prayer, Pope Francis said he hoped the upcoming summit between the United States and North Korea would lead to lasting peace.

  • One word: Dignity
    I have long believed that the greatest poverty in this world is a lack of recognition of our own dignity and that of those around us.
  • I think one of the reasons young people feel drawn to Pope Francis is that he makes an effort to take young people seriously. He does not make promises of an easy and carefree life. His words are based on truths but also are a response to his listening to young people.
  • So for now, Christians who accept the millennia-old definition of marriage have as much constitutional protection as racists and pornographers. And some justices disagree even with that.

  • From the Archives
    The coming of the depression made it impractical to attempt a foundation at that time, but today, as a result of the drive held in the parishes last spring, the first unit of Central High School stands completed.
  • Greater reverence
    This action certainly will result in greater reverence at the time of Communion.
  • A form of justice
    We are to love our neighbor as ourselves, but the greatest commandment is to love the Lord our God.
  • Violence of words
    Rather than venom, I think more articles showing interfaith activities and respect would be more harmonious with Catholic principles.
  • It’s a story about sinners who attempt to be more holy
    The Bible is not so much a book to be venerated as it is a spiritual guide through a physical world.
  • Quoting Pope Francis, “Money must serve, not rule!”

  • Service is important to the faith of cradle Catholics. Food drives, trips to nursing homes and various other service opportunities permeated my life and ingrained the importance of service in my mind and heart as a child. However, the attitude toward service is different in high school. There, people are asking an important question: “Is required service real service?”
  • What we don’t see on the border
    These migrants are not coming because they are greedy. They are coming because they are living in a state of desperation so extreme they are ready to die for a chance at a better life.
  • Oregon’s brand of attack on religious freedom goes like this: Believe what you want, but don’t act on it or you could be penalized.
  • Keep kids safe
    We need to expect stronger child protection policies across the globe, report abuse — inside and outside the church — and continue to support local efforts to keep our kids safe.
  • In the final analysis, human sexual activity calls for something much deeper and more abiding than mere transactional consent, namely, the irrevocable and permanent consent of spouses.
  • Rough benches did duty in place of pews, and the whole interior of the edifice was unfinished. 
  • Mercy + justice
    We need more leadership and less capitulation to popular sentiment. Without justice mercy is meaningless.
  • I’ve often wondered why we ceased kneeling following the Lamb of God.
  • Why haven’t you acted to repeal your abortion law?

    It is totally beyond my comprehension that the Catholics of Oregon have not overwhelmingly deluged their state’s legislature with enough signatures to place their new pro-abortion law on the ballot to be rescinded. Where is their common sense?

  • Spectacle vs. beauty

    For us mortals, it is up to each of us to continue forming ourselves so that we can bring what we know to the event of our lives, to live the church’s unwavering goodness, beauty and truth.

  • Pray for families, receive an indulgence, Vatican says

    VATICAN CITY  — Catholics who participate in the World Meeting of Families in Dublin in August or pray with their families during the Aug. 21-26 event can receive a plenary indulgence, the Vatican announced.

    THE DALLES — We traveled from Benton, Clackamas, Lane, Marion, Multnomah and Washington counties and Central Oregon to St. Paul Episcopal Church for an interfaith service overlooking The Dalles and a facility that detains migrants.
  • It began like most other days; I realized with great resignation that there were, as usual, many more items on my to-do list than hours and energy with which to complete them.

  • Craft bill for families
    The federal farm bill may sound like it deals only with tractors and crop rotation, but it impacts families heavily. The nation’s Catholic bishops and aid agencies have laid out sensible priorities for agriculture policy, still under debate in Congress after a dustup.
  • When your 10-month-old is stacking blocks, you might or might not care to participate. When she laughs uncontrollably, you can't help joining in.
  • Cecile Richards, who plans to retire this year as president of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, has authored a self-congratulatory memoir called "Make Trouble."

  • In his address to the U.S. Congress, French President Emmanuel Macron reminded lawmakers to think about working to make the world greater and less about making America great.

  • Cooperation, dialogue needed for interreligious harmony, pope says

    VATICAN CITY — In a time when the world is mired in conflicts, religious leaders have a duty to show that it is possible to set aside differences and work together for the common good, Pope Francis said.

  • In a recent homily, Bishop Robert E. Barron rightly identified two paramount values in our secular culture: being "inclusive" and being "nonjudgmental. Big problems emerge when a society tries to act on these ideas.

  • Catholics must engage in these debates with intellectual vigor, but with humility as well.
  • From the archives
    Every lie that is told is an insult to 14,000,000 Catholics in the United States, and Catholics will not pa­tiently bear such treatment from press or preacher.
  • Be like St. Paul. Cast your seeds in the online marketplace but do not be afraid to enter the Areopagus where your ideas and beliefs can be tried face to face. Done in charity, it will bear fruit.

  • This Mother's Day, if your parish adds anything to Mass, let it be words of love as wide as our Lord's. Prayers that celebrate motherhood as a calling. Blessings that comfort the sorrowful. Petitions that pray for the living and the dead.

  • An advocate for the Gospel of Life
    How to achieve great things and advance urgent messages in a world prepared to put up great resistance? Embrace family and friends who support you and give you a sense of perspective
  • Report on both!
    That seems kind of rude.
  • The negative effects of teaching stigma on mental illness are undeniable, yet we all too easily fall into that trap.
  • Just a platitude

    Jesus was very clear about the use of weapons whose sole purpose is to strike or to kill: “Stop, no more of this!” (Lk 22:51)

  • ‘Great integrity’
    He is truly a man of great integrity, piety and honesty.
  • I have encountered many Catholics who are deeply committed to ending abortion, but often have no hesitancy about going to war – which always involves killing countless innocent people. And on the other hand, I have encountered many deeply committed Catholic peace activists who are indifferent to the war of abortion waged against innocent unborn babies.

  • Dorm priests
    When I set off for college, the last thing I expected was a friendship with a priest, but that turned out to be part of what makes the experience here at U.P. so unique and beautiful.
  • Look beyond the cozy
    My confirmation started a transformation in me, a journey toward an individual faith.
  • Deeply grateful
    Thanks to Katie Scott for another characteristically thoughtful, informative, compassionate and incisive series on another topic of vital importance to all educators, parents, and especially young people.
  • Walking into an adoration chapel for me is a bit like what I imagine walking into heaven is like — quiet and peaceful. It is a place where I know God is present in a real and tangible way.

  • Don’t mess with our family
    We will let no one attack our siblings without getting a dose of the hot, righteous venom of our ink.
  • What is being proposed here is Robin Hood in reverse.

  • Immigrants’ humanity

    The immigration issue is complex, but militarizing our border without a clear plan of compassion for families is not welcoming the stranger.

  • We shouldn’t be afraid at school

    Once again, our country has started its ritual after a mass shooting, when we heavily debate gun control, but without any real changes. Instead of action, the argument continues.

  • Marching to victory
    Growing up in Portland, an event like this was wild beyond my imagination.
  • Dismissal of Catholic House of Representatives chaplain sparks outrage
    The apparent forced resignation of the chaplain who tends to the spiritual needs of the U.S. House of Representatives and is Catholic has drawn fire against the Speaker of the House, who also is Catholic.
  • I walked down the aisle of the library, scanning the shelves for a book on drawing. As I grabbed a book for beginners, feelings of excitement and confidence swelled within me. I was going to be an artist.
  • The U.S. Catholic bishops, Catholic Relief Services and Catholic Charities USA have denounced congressional leaders who would apply deep cuts to social safety nets to offset an expected deficit over the next decade.
  • They are gifts to us
    The conversation on immigration seems to always steer toward the herd — the economic and social effect of mass numbers of nameless people ruining things. But that’s never been my experience with immigrants.
  • When it comes to the “wild west” of infertility — a field of medicine with little oversight and unbridled profit margins — there are a lot of cowboys out there.

  • Do you remember the childhood story "Stone Soup?"
  • Untangling the root causes beneath the school shootings
    We have deadened the value of life with the Culture of Death, attacked empathy with invasive and cruel technology, and, I would argue, refused to take any serious degree of responsibility for our family’s personal safety. 
  • Our eldest just received the Sacrament of Confirmation, and the chrism oil smeared across her teenaged forehead transported me back to when she received the same glorious-smelling oil on her bitty baby head at baptism.
  • At its core, the idea of a “wrongful birth” claim is unreasonable and ethically incoherent.
  • Bring on the taxes

    I am rich in all the ways that matter even though I also have an arts tax to pay, you know.

  • Not idiots but un-Catholic
    While those positions are not idiotic, they are certainly un-Catholic.
  • A dearth of diversity in letters
    In the Catholic Sentinel I read articles and even editorials such as “Save the safety net,” March 16, page 27. This editorial urges readers to write Congress, and in particular House Speaker Paul Ryan.
  • A nationally known fight

    Regarding “Overruling the Klan,” March 2, page 1:

    This story described the intensity of the debate on the school closing initiative aimed at ending parochial schools in Oregon, but it had three important errors.

  • From the archives: MLK assassination
    Archbishop Dwyer this week paid tribute to the “genuine Christian commitment” of Dr. Martin Luther King, victim of an assassin’s bullet April 4.
  • We have the tools for holiness, joy
    Sometimes holiness seems complicated. It’s certainly not easy. Exhausted at the end of a workday, we snap at our spouse or children; we gossip about a co-worker when it’s easier than disengaging — and more titillating; and we question ourselves and our value: What would people think if they knew the real me?
  • Bringing back dating
    There were glimmers over the past 20 years when it seemed as though the awkward misery of dating might be a thing of the past — at least for those blessed with a surfeit of technology. 
  • Another son

    I was at Mass at St. Mary in Eugene with my husband, John; he had a tough year with lots of medical problems. As usual, we sat in the back because of John’s big wheelchair.

    A thin young black man came and sat in my pew. He looked like a foreign college student who perhaps missed the campus Newman Center Mass.

  • Find beauty

    If Sunday Mass has become “the same old same old” for your adolescent children, why not expose them to something different, namely the Maronite liturgy at St. Sharbel Church in Southeast Portland  and/or the 11 a.m. high Mass at Holy Rosary?